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Here's what we will and won't do with your information.

What we need to do:

We need to collect some information about you or we can't sell you anything, or ship to you or answer your quastions.  We restrict our information about you to the minimum required to serve you.  We collect your Name and Address so we can ship to you.  We ask for a phone number so the shipping company can contact you if things go wrong.  We won't call you unless things went wrong somewhere and we have no other way of fixing the problem.  We also collect information so you can pay us and we can contact you if payment goes wrong.  We use cookies to keep track of your shopping cart and wish list.  If compelled to by law enforcement we will release your information to the authorities.


What we will do:

If you sign up to for our newsletter we will occasionally send you an e-mail newsletter.  Occasionally means no more often than twice a month, most likely once a month or less often.    Each and every mailing will have opt-out information at the bottom of the message. We will clearly identify ourselves as the originator of the mail.  Since we are not in the stone age, we will respect your opt-out instruction with the speed of our computer systems, not one week or one month.  We may send you e-mail answering your questions or respond to your actions.  We will pass some information to the payment processor of your choice for payment processing.


What we wont do:

We won't share your information, we want you for our own selfish purposes.  We won't keep record of your payment information, in fact we don't need the trouble of dealing with payment data. 


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